KevOnStage Returns To The Stage With “Keep Your Distance” Comedy Show

KevOnStage Returns To The Stage With "Keep Your Distance" Comedy Show

Comedian KevOnStage is back with his “Keep Your Distance” comedy show on Caffeine.

This Thursday, February 9 comedian and New York Times bestselling author, Kevin Fredericks aka KevOnStage is returning to the stage with his popular “Keep Your Distance” comedy show.

Launched during the pandemic as a socially-distanced comedy show featuring the world’s most popular comedians, “Keep Your Distance” has teamed up with social broadcasting platform Caffeine to debut three all-new live shows live and on-demand.

The “Keep Your Distance” comedy show features comedian KevOnStage and his hilarious friends in this virtual live streamed stand-up comedy event.

Featured comedians include Randi Skye, Leah Sampson, Clint Coley, Kristen Sivills, and The Mandal Man.

The “Keep Your Distance” comedy show will be streaming live tonight at 9PM EST/6PM PST exclusively on via the ComedyonCaffeine page!!!

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