Kenneka Jenkins Freezer Footage Doesn't Exist... Or Does It???

Kenneka Jenkins on September 12, 2017 [Press Photo]

While I still believe there's a cover-up taking place in the Kenneka Jenkins case, we may never know how she met her demise at this point...

According to HelloBeautiful:

The plot just thickened in the mysterious and controversial death of the 19 year-old Black teen Kenneka Jenkins, who was found dead in a hotel freezer at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare Hotel & Conference Center on Sept. 10.

According to CBS 2, video of Kenneka Jenkins actually walking into the freezer doesn't exist. It appears there was no camera directly focused on the freezer.

Police released surveillance footage that showed Kenneka stumbling through the unrestricted area of the hotel, but never locking herself inside the walk in the freezer where they claim she died.

This report completely contradicts the timeline presented by Chicago activist Andrew Holmes, who held a press conference after viewing footage. He claimed there was video evidence of Kenneka walking inside the freezer and it closing behind her. He said he stood inside the freezer she allegedly died in and recalled how hot and dark it was.

Kenneka Jenkins' death captivated the Internet when it first broke, spawning numerous theories about the events that happened the night Kenneka went missing.

The Rosemont police are currently investigating Kenneka's death despite push from outside parties to involve the FBI, TheChicagoTribune reports. "This investigation has been and remains the utmost priority for us," Chief Donald Stephens said on Monday.

Kenneka's mother is determined to get to the truth surround the details of Kenneka's death.

"I'm not a professional, but the FBI, from what I heard, they are professionals," Teresa Martin said. "I'm just looking for help -- that's all I've been asking for since day one."

Cover-up or nah??? You be the judge.