kenji “Strangers” (Audio)

kenji "Strangers" (Audio)

✦kenji✦ releases indie-pop track, “Strangers”, written about growing up too fast.

Stepping into the indie-pop scene, ✦kenji✦ turns heads with his latest single–“Strangers”–which is available now to stream and cop on all major digital streaming platforms.

A mesmerizing story about the processes of growing up too fast, the ballad explains some of the most memorable points of the artist’s journey thus far, comparing his constant growth to an ever-climbing escalator.

Throughout the song, he describes the lack of trust he has in himself, his half-hearted wandering across the United States, and how desperately he craves to see his hometown, where he’s terrified to encounter the changes that took place while he was away.

Discussing the uncomfortable subject of leaving his home of Grand Rapids, Michigan in pursuit of self-discovery in Los Angeles, the raw lyrics connect heavily with those who are homesick, and in the process of figuring out their lives away from where they grew up.

Co-produced by ✦kenji✦ himself alongside fellow artist/producer Swansea Skag, this lo-fi/folk influenced instrumental paired with the artist’s raspy, chilling vocals leads to a world of feelings most people repress in their day to day lives.

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“Strangers” is the first song from the artist’s EP, which is yet to be announced, but expected to be released in late November.