Kelsey Plum On Kevin Hart’s “Cold As Balls”

Kelsey Plum On Kevin Hart's "Cold As Balls"

Aces star Kelsey Plum joins Kevin Hart to discuss inequities between WNBA and NBA, Brittney Griner, and barking at Tom Brady on “Cold As Balls”.

Today, we share a new episode of “Cold As Balls”—from Kevin Hart’s LOL Network—featuring WNBA Champion and All-Star MVP, Kelsey Plum.

In this episode, Plum talks about being humbled entering the league by playing against her inspiration, Diana Taurasi and shares her thoughts on the Brittney Griner situation.

She also goes on to explain the inequality between NBA and WNBA players, from the pay disparity to the sizable difference in MVP trophies given to her and Steph Curry.

You can watch the episode where Kevin challenges Kelsey with a shoot out below…

Episode Highlights Include:

  • Plum reminisces on being humbled by the player that inspired her to start playing basketball, Diana Taurasi, and having to earn respect in the league, “Ball comes in, she looks at me, elbows me in the stomach, hits a 3 and then winks at me.” (2:53 – 3:31)
  • Plum talks about playing overseas and that being a means of supplemental compensation for many players in the league, She and Kevin discuss how Brittney Griner never would have had to have been playing overseas if the pay was right. (3:31 – 4:30)
  • Plum calls out the size difference between the All Star MVP trophy she got versus the one Steph Curry got saying, “That didn’t set women forward at all.” (8:10 – 9:05)
  • Plum explains the origins of her nickname “Plumdog” saying “I barked at Tom Brady….just cuz he’s a dog” (11:23 – 12:00)

New episodes of “Cold As Balls” are available on the LOL Network YouTube channel. Be sure to catch next week’s season finale featuring Lakers point guard Patrick Beverley.

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