Keloid (@BTF_Collective) – Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2

The Black TV & Film Collective presents Keloid [Web Series Artwork]

Today, The DigiSpot brings to you something different like we always know how to do. That something different happens to be a new web series, titled “Keloid“, which comes straight to you courtesy of The Black TV & Film Collective.

You can give the first 2 episodes of this “part sci-fi, part supernatural” series a watch below…

Season 1, Episode 1:Anomaly

In episode 1, Keloid & his mom disagree about the emergence of his special abilities – telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, & the control of electricity. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Aisha appears at his door unannounced. Is she right on time, or is it the worst time possible?

Season 1, Episode 2:New York

In episode 2, Keloid & his mother are on the run from the death of Aisha. Although, Keloid can’t stop thinking about it and he is driven to find the answers his mother refuses to give.

Meanwhile, his mother Marielle experiences fatigue unlike any she’s experienced in a long time. At Keloid’s prompting, she sleeps while he drives. Although they should be headed west, Keloid makes a rash decision to drive them east, putting them in even more danger than they ran from.