Keke Wyatt On SiriusXM’s “The Clay Cane Show”

Keke Wyatt On SiriusXM’s "The Clay Cane Show"

R&B singer and reality TV star Keke Wyatt says “R&B Divas” made her look like a “horrible person”, plus her thoughts on her ex being called homophobic.

R&B singer Keke Wyatt was a guest on a recent episode of “The Clay Cane Show” on SiriusXM, where the former “R&B Divas: Atlanta” star discussed her new reality show, “Keke Wyatt’s World“, why she doesn’t watch videos of herself singing, plus her feelings on her ex-husband and religious people who don’t support the LGBTQIA+ community.

It sounds terrible to me!” Wyatt responded when Cane asked her about whether she ever watches clips of herself singing. “Because I hear what I didn’t want to do, but it came out anyway.”

She also discussed why she decided to return to reality TV and how she feels about being unfairly portrayed in the past:

I was asked to come back and I thought that was pretty cool. Because I really, I thought that R&B Divas made me just look like a horrible person. The way that everything was edited just really hurt my feelings because I’m like, Yo, I’m not like that all the time. I mean, a lot, but not all the time. You know? Give me some credit somewhere. Sheesh. But I think what made me go ahead and say ‘Yes’ was the fact that I would be one of the executive producers. That made me feel good. My first time around, first show, and then I get that credit. Like, that’s awesome. We TV is the freaking, I could just lick them. They’re amazing.”

When asked about an old scene from “R&B Divas” where her now ex-husband appeared to disapprove of Wyatt’s brother marrying another man, she responded:

I think that he, in his, you know, religious way of thinking feels that that’s not right. But at the same time, he still loves them. You know what I mean? You, you can’t make people – listen, I only stand for Kiki. That’s my ex. He has been out my life for so many years. I don’t even care what he’s doing ’cause honey, he ain’t even right. So with whatever he got going on, so God bless him. Now, you know, I, my opinion, I love my brothers. I love my family, and they can do whatever makes them happy. If they’re happy, I am happy. If they are sad, I am sad. If they’re mad, I’m mad. And so, you know, to see my brother and his, they’ve been married freaking 10 years….And you know, like honey, the people that are – can’t even keep it together for a year. And then you have this, a beautiful rainbow marriage, and they’re still kicking it, you know what I’m saying? And they’re married still and making it work…. I think people just need to sit down somewhere and shut up, mind their business. It’s what I think.”

Cane: Isn’t that sad how religion can do that to a loving relationship? Like why can’t everybody mind their business?

Well, I wouldn’t say religion. I would say people and their way of religion. Because God created us all. And he made us just the way that he made us. And you know, we could say my baby, he’s a year old and he’s a special needs child. There’s people that could be like, Oh my God, I can’t believe she had a baby like that and blah, blah, blah. Well honey, God gave me this child this way. So if he created him and made him this way and gave him to me this way, I’m going to accept him and love him in this way. Period. I don’t want him any other way. I want him the way that he was created and made. And that’s the kind of God that I serve.”