Keep Records feat. Trade Voorhees, Syntax Vernac, Wave MMLZ, & ChiefDVB “Great Weather” (Audio)

Keep Records feat. Trade Voorhees, Syntax Vernac, Wave MMLZ, & ChiefDVB “Great Weather” (Audio)

Keep Records announce their new album, ‘So Indie It Hurts, Vol. 3’, which is set to drop on May 20th

Keep Records also share their new single, “Great Weather”, featuring Trade Voorhees, Syntax Vernac, Wave MMLZ, and ChiefDVB

Keep Records is proud to announce their forthcoming EP, ‘So Indie It Hurts, Vol. 3’, is due for release on May 20th.

The project continues Keep Records’ unique recording series in which they choose one location, concurrent with a tour, to create an entire record start to finish.

All eight songs on ‘So Indie It Hurts, Vol. 3’ were written, produced, and recorded in just four days by six Las Vegas based artists during a two-stop show run in Florida.

Keep Records and the “So Indie” squad are a collective group of traveling hip-hop artists.

Stemming from a love for the tour life and everything that comes with it, this revolving cast of solo acts and groups-within-groups have decided to document these adventures in a series of EPs released on vinyl.

These independent artists specialize in making ‘destination’ records, projects that are created while on tour somewhere far away from home.

The “So Indie” Tours have become a worldwide phenomenon traveling to Hawaii, Australia, the Pacific NorthWest, Europe, Las Vegas, and now Florida.

Keep Records artists have been supporting acts for Twista, Paul Wall, Elzhi, Grouch & Eligh, Abstract Rude, and toured with countless others.

Roger explaining the album making process:

With our rule of having to make the whole project while on location, it creates a certain vibe of urgency and importance. We all know there is a very defined (and finite) amount of time to get it all done, so there’s no time to sit back and wait. It’s now or never. The magic that gets created during that time is like catching lightning in a bottle, and the final product becomes a living/breathing memory for everyone involved. That extra bit of pressure gets everyone into grind mode right out the gate, basically until it’s time to pack up and fly home.”

In making the album, the collective was given two rules: no samples, and the entire thing had to be produced/written/recorded while on location.

The producers, Trade Voorhees and Wave MMLZ, used anything they could to make the beats from banging random objects together and distorting the sound to mumbling vocal cuts.

There are four emcees featured on the album: ChiefDVB, Syntax Vernac, Inspiring Thoughts, and G.REED.

Keep Records launched as an official label in 2012 with a mission to provide label services to independent musicians who don’t otherwise have access to them.

The label states, “The term, ‘So Indie It Hurts’, is ultimately our mantra. As a label, music publisher, and as an artist collective; it’s our self-aware stance of being painfully independent.”

The new record, ‘So Indie It Hurts, Vol. 3’, will be the label’s eighth release on vinyl.

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Keep Records’ “Great Weather” track is also available now to stream and cop on TIDAL

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