Kanye West Has ‘How Sway?’ Moment On The Tim Westwood Show

Kanye West Has 'How Sway?' Moment On The Tim Westwood Show

Long before Kanye West asked Sway CallowayHOW SWAY?” before telling him “YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS, SWAY!” & “I’VE BEEN DOING THIS MORE THAN YOU!” on Sway In The Morning, he had a meltdown on The Tim Westwood Show back in 2007.

Over the stretch of 3 videos, Kanye let’s it all hang out & more. You can give all 3 videos a watch below…

Kanye West on Graduation, 50 Cent, & Stronger:

Kanye West with Westwood talking about his new single ‘Stronger’, and his new album ‘Graduation’ due for release on Sept 11 2007, a big day for hip-hop. They discuss the impact Kanye and 50 Cent have on each another with the album dates being on the same day.

Kanye West on the press, getting hated on, Daft Punk, & music videos:

The second part of Kanye’s interview on Radio 1 with Westwood. He talks more about his album, and his new single ‘Stronger’, and the press providing obstacles between him and his fans.

Kanye West’s emotional rant in 2007, he goes off:

The third part of Kanye West interview with Westwood. Kanye goes off on a rant on the press, talks about his video for ‘Touch The Sky’ and the European Video Awards.

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