Kanye West Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Going On Twitter Rant Aimed At Drake

As we're coming up on 2019, it's at that point in Hip-Hop (and that's stretching it today when you keep the person of interest in mind) where the culture can't seem to get by without an infamous Kanye rant.

Not too long ago, Kanye West had another Twitter meltdown where he went out of his way to ride down on Drake for whatever reason that is currently unknown to me at this time.

Going down his Twitter timeline, it's hard to figure out where the rant starts and where it ends. But for anybody interested in reading said tweets, you can do so now on his Twitter page.

Charlamagne Tha God made it his business to crown Kanye West the not-so-honorable honor of Donkey Of The Day for his Twitter rant on Drake among other things.

Here's what Charlamagne had to say on the situation below...


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