Kahlee & Muds (@Kahlee310 @MightyMuds) – #BarsWeekly Ep. 16 of 52 [Video]

Kahlee & Muds (@Kahlee310 @MightyMuds) - #BarsWeekly Ep. 16 of 52 [Video]

#BarsWeekly is a weekly rap video series by Kahlee & Muds that will run the entirety of 2017.

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From the song “I’m Just Sayin’” by Sabotawj x Digital Martyrs featuring Ric Scales, Mikial, Uptown Swuite, Kahlee
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— Lyrics —

Hustle juggler, machete, apples, bowling pins

Go for the jugular, spaghetti, grapple, holy hymns

Who ready after any aftermath or consequence of friends

Turning backs for alternative facts, is act of terrorist

Indiana Jones, ceptor of gold

Grab the mic like a grenade pull the pin like the sword in the stone

Camo face paint, commando, man fuck your rap handle

And your limp noodle hand shake you get dismantled

I need to make space on my mantle, fuck a grammy

It’s pictures of my family and a candle

spark one for the folks that we lost flame to the tip, I need some maintenance a tune up or DMT trip. Get a grip

when the weight on the world on my shoulders killin me I tight rope walk the line of ego and humility

You got it twist like ain’t No instrumentals exist. Stop the pay to play and rappin over vocals or quit

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