Journalist Chadwick Moore Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Blasting Men Who Get Vasectomies

Journalist Chadwick Moore Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Blasting Men Who Get Vasectomies

Sean Duffy, proud father of nine, agreed with his gay, conservative guest that real men don’t get vasectomies!

Even when Tucker Carlson isn’t in the Fox house, the smell of testosterone hangs heavy in the air. Last week, substitute host and former GOP Congressman Duffy hosted a muy macho discussion about how vasectomies just aren’t manly.

Duffy began the chest thumping. He informed us that The Washington Post is reacting to the possible demise of Roe v. Wade with the recommendation that men get vasectomies as “an act of love.” (Fact Check: the phrase was not that of the paper, but a slogan used by a TX urologist who does vasectomies and is seeing an uptick in the procedure since the passage of the state’s draconian anti-abortion law.)

Duffy then played video featuring US House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez who spoke about the difficult decision to have children in a difficult world. (She is a frequent target of Tucker who claims she is trying to destroy America.)

Duffy is also the husband of anti-abortion zealot and Fox News cohost Rachel Campos-Duffy. The devout Catholic worked in a comment about how the left is against reproduction (“anti-natalist”) – an absurd claim given the number of liberals who do have kids.

Duffy introduced guest Chadwick Moore, a gay journalist who, whined to Tucker Carlson that he abandoned the left to become a “brand new conservative” after the nasty, gay liberals maligned him for writing a nice Out magazine article about the racist, Islamophobic, anti-transgender and general bigot Milos Yiannopoulos. Moore’s views on race aren’t all that more enlightened considering that he mocks Juneteenth, saying “it isn’t a thing.”

Duffy asked if this if a vasectomy is “an act of love or is this really just about consequence-free sex?” (Oh, that nasty consequence free sex!!!)

Moore, who, like Carlson, is virulently anti-transgender, then “joked” that if a man wants a vasectomy, “you just lob the whole thing off and become trans. That’s what you should do if you really love your wife and want to show her what a supporter of womanhood you are and of the female cause.” He described vasectomies as “mutilation.”

Echoing Duffy’s earlier comment, Moore said that “consequence-free sex is “what drives the left” and is “their religion.” (Is Moore celibate?)

Nobody is forcing anybody to have vasectomies, but Moore seems to think that liberals want to force African and South American men to do so: “Don’t know Sub-Saharan Africa or Central America, I wonder how those men would react to being told that they should have a vasectomy to show how much they love their women.” (“Their women?!”)

Duffy doubled down on the profundity with his keen insight into how liberal men in bicycle shorts (So Sean is noticing guys in bicycle shorts, hmmm…) get vasectomies, but the joke is on them because “you have conservative men like me who have nine kids, isn’t that great, because you have conservatives being born and you’re having liberals not having kids. Good politics.” (Uh, does Duffy think that children always follow their parent’s retrograde politics?)

Moore agreed that liberals will “not be breeding” and this is great. (Uh, so Moore thinks of women as “breeders?” – nice…) He babbled incoherently about a “box set of Harry Potter” and “Soylent whatever.” He added, “If that’s what you want to do, go for it, but it does make you less of a man, I’m sorry.”

There was more discussion about how liberals want fewer people on the planet – a legitimate concern in an overpopulated, overstrained world, but not so for the dynamic duo who think that would be just awful.

On a reality-based news program, there might have been a discussion about the importance of family planning and the availability of good contraception – especially now that Roe is endangered. It might have been nice to have a female perspective on this, but hey, Tucker Carlson Tonight is a misogynist man’s world where birth control is a women’s job – cuz every sperm is sacred!

Tucker Carlson Tonight, your place for toxic masculinity!

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