Jordon Mattingly (Don Mattingly’s Son) Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Jordon Mattingly (Don Mattingly's Son) Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Today’s Donkey Of The Day just goes to remind us that nobody is above the law in any instance.

The donkey in question is 30-year-old Jordon Mattingly who happens to be the son of Don Mattingly who baseball fans remember as former New York Yankees first baseman from 1982–1995.

Recently, (Jordon) Mattingly got “super drunk” out his mind before wrecking his SUV and tried to sell it to a car dealership.

While this incident has since resulted in his arrest on several charges, it’s also resulted in him being awarded Donkey Of The Day.

Here’s what Charlamagne Tha God had to say on this situation below…