Jonezen (@JonezenMusic) feat. Lauren Ashley – Heaven For A Sinner [MP3]

Jonezen - Heaven For A Sinner [Track Artwork]

Known for his “fast, intimate rhymes and rock vibes” [Myspace], Detroit-born, Los Angeles-based Jonezen is truly carving his own lane. Taking hip-hop and turning it on its head, the rapper, songwriter, & guitarist is fearlessly incorporating a myriad of bold influences into his songs. He’s becoming a front-runner in the alternative hip-hop space thanks to his unique genre-melding and honest yet masterful lyrics. His talent is exemplified in his latest singles – a “relentless nu-metal meets hip-hop track” entitled “Bars” and an anthemic, arena-ready gem called “Way Up”.

Now, Jonezen is getting back to the basics he built his career on with a personal and raw new song, “Heaven For A Sinner”. It shows a deeper level, stripping him down to honest verses over an acoustic guitar and soft choruses by singer, Lauren Ashley. “This is one of the more personal songs I’ve done in a while,” shares Jonezen. Adding, “I’ve done so many things that I regret in this life.​ And it’s impossible to make it through life with no regrets… but I think you need to make p​ea​ce with the ones you have. That’s what this record is all about.​ ​It’s my way of making peace and asking at the same time, is there a heaven for a sinner.”