Jonah Kagen “hill that i’ll die on” (Video)

Jonah Kagen "hill that i'll die on" (Video)

Jonah Kagen shares heart-wrenching ballad “hill that i’ll die on”.

Jonah Kagen releases his new single “hill that i’ll die on” today via Arista Records.

Jonah’s signature acoustic sound adds a new layer of his voice.

Co-written, co-produced, and performed by Jonah, the track is a melancholy ballad that tugs on heartstrings.

Jonah adds, “‘hill that i’ll die on’ is such a special song to me. It speaks to the sentiment of knowing that you’ll love someone and be there for them even at their lowest point, and that there’s nothing in the world that would ever make you question that. I was lucky enough to get to bring the song to life with my two incredible roommates (Sarcastic Sounds and Hayd), and it feels good to finally have all three of our names on something. Aside from that, I think this song marks an important direction for the sound and style of my music moving forward, and I can’t wait to share more stories with you all. Sending love!”

“hill that i’ll die on” follows “Barcelona”, “Turbulence”, and “Drowning”, the latter of which was released during Jonah’s month-long tour of the U.S. as the support for Maisie Peters.

The 22-year-old Jonah Kagen grew up in Savannah, Georgia and took up guitar at the age of six, diving deep into the instrument’s technical aspects after his jazz musician grandfather showed him performance videos.

Jonah Kagen "hill that i'll die on" (Video)

He further found inspiration in the music of guitarist Andy McKee, whose fingerstyle technique lit a creative fire within.

He opened my eyes to what an acoustic guitar could be,” he recalls, as he dove deeper into creating music on his own. “If you can bring somebody something with your music that they can’t get anywhere else, there’s nothing better than that.”

While attending college, his sister encouraged him to post his music on social media and he garnered early success as a TikTok sensation with the release of his debut single “Broken”.

I saw people resonating with what I made,” Kagen recalls while remembering how “Broken” caught on, “and the feeling was so overwhelming and special.”

An exciting new voice bringing an undeniable energy and sincerity through his multifaceted sound, Jonah soon found himself inking a deal with Arista.

Jonah has also released “Catching A Dream”, “Wish You Did”, and “Moon”.

Further, he collaborated with Matoma for “Summer Feeling” which was praised by The Hidden Hits for “[whisking] us off our feet one verse at a time.”

Jonah Kagen’s “hill that i’ll die on” track is also available now to stream and cop on all major DSPs