@Jon0h Focuses On The Downside Of The 'Wishing Well'

@Jon0h Focuses On The Downside Of The 'Wishing Well'

they got you running to the vocal booth, praying for change
throwing your two cents in a wishing well waiting for change (repeat 4x)

1st Verse:
the last time I had the chance to vote, I didn't
it started in grade school when they taught us about the system
how they make it all work for their benefitting
ever since them days I been looking at sh*t different
that's word to Kendrick
I'm channeled by kindred
spirits who chanting lyrics directing me how to spit it
Jon Oh tell to not vote
tell them just don't vote
so I'm that slave telling you, eh, don't get on that boat
you're blinded by the diamonds in the ball-n-chains
I hope you stashed the change
from you little tax change
that they gave you to ensure another check by his name
cause he said we can change
so you thought we can change
come to find out the change came out your change


2nd Verse:
Okay let's show them the plans
just don't give them the legend
make it sound good with the 1st
cancel that out with the 2nd
now with the 3rd and the 4th, that's where it really coagulates
they done fucked themselves again, and praised themselves for the accolade
and you still went back next term like your opinion matters
celebrities on TV like your opinion matters
but the way them muthafuckers set up on that ladder
it's all politics and palms being greased
heavy on the Dax, waves spinning like sheesh
they just want to know how many people they can reach
it's all about the numbers man percentage and the average
conversion rates and bounces on manipulation tactics
people don't realize we moving ass backwards
a nigga named deez nutz gone be up on yo ballot
Waka Flaka Flame, Yeezus on yo ballot
it come in Louis V, three G's for your ballot
niggas gone wanna jack it(jacket)

Chorus till fade

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