@JohnAlexHarper – Artwork by Funktional People [Album Stream]

John Alex Harper - Artwork By Funktional People [Album Artwork]

“I think individual people are represented by three different versions of themselves. We’re the person we see ourselves as, the person other people see, and the person we truly are. I think we use a combination of these three versions of self to help us try to appear ‘normal’ or functional to others. Engaging our creative side helps us begin to see the differences in those three versions. Art helps us get to know ourselves and find confidence in our one true self – the self that doesn’t care about looking ‘functional’. ‘Artwork by Funktional People’ was my first chance to release something solo and I wanted to highlight the power of people coming together and doing what they love. This project is all about embracing what we love and chasing our dreams in the process.” –John Alex Harper

John Alex Harper on March 11, 2017 [Animated Press Photo]

John Alex Harper’s debut album ‘Artwork by Funktional People‘ is an 8-track project featuring a slew of talented artists also native to John’s hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. The project is highlighted with insightful lyricism and a variation of sounds that are complemented by John Alex’s versatile style.

Each track is unique from the rest, yet they all share a feel-good theme that encourages listeners to follow their dreams and chase what they love. The project features everything from the heavily lyrical “Handheld” to the funk inspired “When it Hits”.