John Wall On Kevin Hart’s “Cold As Balls”

John Wall On Kevin Hart's "Cold As Balls"

NBA legend John Wall has a message for anyone who think he’s washed up plus he tells Kevin Hart about shooting his shot with Keri Hilson on “Cold As Balls”.

We at VannDigital share today’s new episode of “Cold As Balls”—on Kevin Hart’s LOL Network—featuring 5x NBA All-Star, John Wall.

In this episode, the Clippers star has a message for those who think his career is done.

He also talks about what it was like to be at Kentucky with people waiting outside his classes for autographs, his tattoo addiction, shooting his shot with Keri Hilson, and how he landed with the Clippers.

John of course takes a minute to reminisce playing against Kobe.

You can watch the episode where John teaches Kevin how to Dougie below…

Episode Highlights Include:

  • John recalls going to class in college – they had to take golf carts to class because of all of the fans, “There would be like 20-30 cars outside waiting for autographs all day.” (3:39-4:18)
  • John Wall tells Kevin Hart the story about Keri Hilson seeing him on the bench and being interested in him when he first started playing, so he shoots his shot with her and DMs her on Twitter. You can watch this clip HERE. (4:25 – 4:58)
  • Wall claps back at those saying he’s washed up and that he’s done, “I used that as motivation.” He also stresses basketball was his sanctuary when he was at his lowest point. (5:23-5:56)
  • Wall admits he has a tattoo addiction, and that he only has 3 spots left to get done. (7:46-8:27)

New episodes of “Cold As Balls” will now air every Tuesday on the LOL Network YouTube channel. The remaining guests this season include Kelsey Plum and Patrick Beverley.

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