Joey Clipstar Returns With All-New Season Of "Hardest Bars"

Joey Clipstar Returns With All-New Season Of "Hardest Bars"

Joey Clipstar’s iconic freestyle platform, "Hardest Bars", returns for a fourth season.

South London’s Joey Clipstar—aka The Connect—is an instantaneously recognizable name in the UK music sphere. Having developed the innovative freestyle platform "Hardest Bars" over the past decade, Joey lives and breathes the culture. Currently situated as one of the biggest freestyle platforms in the UK — Joey shows no signs of stagnation.

"Hardest Bars" are responsible for harboring some of the UK’s biggest talents in their infancy — including Stormzy and Ms. Banks. Now "Hardest Bars'" fourth season is upon us with fresh new flows from some of the UK’s best new talent such as, Jordz, Madam Molly, and many more!

Following the footsteps of seasons past, Joey’s eye for curation is on full display here. The 30-year-old Link Up TV manager continues to strike while the iron is hot, showcasing talent from across the UK rap diaspora.

Throughout Joey’s lengthy career, he’s worked with a plethora of trans-Atlantic talent, including but not limited to Drake, J Hus, the late Cadet, Fredo, Russ Millions, and Stefflon Don. No small feat.

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"Hardest Bars" Season 4 isn’t just the brainchild of a rap fanatic — it’s the physical manifestation of growth and revolution in the underground UK hip hop scene. If each freestyle is a look into the psyche of each budding rapper — if you step back and look at the whole project, you’ll see Joey’s footprint all over.

Season 4 of 'HB Freestyles' is all about expanding the platform to more talent. The end of season three saw us venture into European artist and we’re diving into that heavy in season four,” said Joey, speaking on the latest season of "Hardest Bars".

He added: “This season is dear to me as I’m showcasing my platform to people in foreign countries. Not many freestyle shows are giving up and coming internationals a chance to be heard, so I want to really dig into that more, and as for the future, who knows what internationals we may work with.”

If you’re in the mood for an excursion around the UK rap scene, you know exactly where to turn…

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