January 6th Insurrectionist Jennifer Lee Ryan Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Catching Jail Sentence After Bragging About White Privilege

January 6th Insurrectionist Jennifer Lee Ryan Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Catching Jail Sentence After Bragging About White Privilege

A Texas realtor who took a private jet to the Capitol riot for a date with a man who dumped her hours later has been jailed – despite bragging she’d be spared a custodial sentence.

Jennifer ‘Jenna’ Ryan, 50, of Frisco, faced four charges and pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor account after admitting that she ‘paraded, demonstrated or picketed’ inside the Capitol when she knew she didn’t have permission to be there, according to Huff Post.

On Thursday US District Judge Christopher Cooper sentenced Ryan to 60 days in jail and told Ryan: ‘You were a cheerleader, you cheered it on’ despite playing a ‘lesser role in the criminal conduct that took place’ than many others did.

‘But that does not mean that you don’t have any culpability in what happened that day,’ he added, noting that Ryan knew she wasn’t going to a peaceful protest when she left her hotel room that morning.

Before the start of the trial Ryan responded to a tweet warning her she was destined for custody, saying: ‘Definitely not going to jail. Sorry I have blonde hair white skin a great job a great future and I’m not going to jail. Sorry to rain on your hater parade. I did nothing wrong.’

But she was proven wrong Thursday when Cooper announced her conviction and and said: ‘You’re not being singled out for your political views or anything like that. It’s how and where you decided to express them.’

It’s unclear whether anyone else in the group Ryan traveled with the Washington was arrested in connection with the riots.

When the judge brought up the tweet Ryan claimed that she didn’t mean that she ‘was above prison’ when she wrote it, adding that she ‘just shouldn’t tweet,’ according to Huff Post.

‘I just felt that it would be unlikely since I was pleading to entering the Capitol for two minutes and eight seconds. Now I realize that was a false notion but having a false notion does not automatically mean I deserve incarceration,’ she wrote in a letter to the judge.

‘A tweet of me taking up for myself against a bully who is harassing me does not indicate that I feel above-the-law,’ she added.

Ryan previously said she went to the riot on a whim after receiving a Facebook message from a handsome stranger looking for people to join him at the rally then-President Donald Trump was holding at the White House on January 6.

‘He was adorable,’ said the single realtor, who told NBC News earlier this year that she loves Trump, firmly believes his unfounded claims of voter fraud and has always wanted to attend one of his rallies.

‘So I said: ‘Heck yeah, let’s go.’ I mean, who wouldn’t go and get on a private jet?’ she added.

After agreeing she asked her friend Brian to come with her as a ‘bodyguard’, and once inside the cabin Ryan shared several photos of the group getting to know each other while drinking and bonding over their mutual love for Trump.

But unfortunately for Ryan, the pairing wasn’t meant to be.

Ryan added: ‘There was another adorable girl there, too, and they ended up getting together, darn it.’

Although Ryan didn’t identify her crush by name, it’s possible he is one of the three men she and another woman were photographed with alongside the private jet before their flight to DC.

Two days after the riot, Ryan realized she had much bigger problems than the failed romance as the FBI identified her as a person of interest and shared grabs of a livestream she filmed of herself storming the Capitol.

She turned herself in to authorities before the end of January for her role in the Capitol siege, which left five people dead, and has consistently maintained that she did nothing wrong and has no regrets.

‘I’m glad I was there, because I witnessed history,’ she added later. ‘I’ll never get the chance to do that again. No one will probably ever be able to go near [the Capitol] again,’ she told NBC.

She was released from custody hours later and returned home, where she demanded that Trump pardon her from charges of knowingly entering a restricted building and disorderly conduct.

But the demand went unanswered as Trump left office and Ryan was put on trial in Washington, DC.

At one point Ryan even turned to fellow MAGA fans for help. ‘I am accepting donations to pay legal fees and losses due to my arrest and charges by the FBI for protesting at the US Capitol. Thank you for your support. Any amount helps,’ she tweeted in January along with a link to her PayPal account.

‘I have to go to trial in Washington DC for this misdemeanor. I believe I was wrongfully arrested and charged and we have to fight for my freedom and [clear] my name,’ she added in another post.

While Ryan did manage to scrape together about $1,000 in donations, the plea racked up thousands more replies in a matter of hours – the majority of them from unsympathetic critics who pointed out the irony of Ryan asking for financial assistance after she boasted about her posh private flight to DC.

At the end of the hearing Cooper advised Ryan to think about what sources she relied upon for her news in the future, as reported by Huff Post.

To date the FBI has reportedly made more than 650 arrests in connection with the Capitol riot, which they predict is one-fourth of the total number of potential defendants who committed chargeable crimes that day.

Ryan has said she fears that her involvement in the riots could ruin her real estate career.

The Texas Real Estate Commission has faced numerous complaints demanding that her license be revoked. Ryan responded by issuing a statement saying she was ‘truly heartbroken’ over the lives lost during the assault.

‘Unfortunately, what I believed to be a peaceful political march turned into a violent protest,’ she wrote on Twitter.

She also tweeted that she lost a publishing deal for a book related to her work.

‘This has taken my company. This has taken my business,’ she tweeted.

Since the rally she said she has received thousands of death threats and people attacking her business. Despite this, she said she would do it all over again.

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