Janelle Monáe On Kanye West: ‘I Don’t Support Freethinking That Fuels The Oppressor & Their Agenda’ (@JanelleMonae @AngieMartinez)

Janelle Monáe On Kanye West: 'I Don’t Support Freethinking That Fuels The Oppressor & Their Agenda' (@JanelleMonae @AngieMartinez)

Janelle Monáe is currently gearing up to release her third studio album ‘Dirty Computer’. The project which has been teased by the singer for years was announced back in February through a teaser video posted by Monáe on YouTube.

Stopping by “The Angie Martinez Show“, Janelle Monáe talked about everything from her upcoming album, working on two Oscar-nominated films, Beyonce’s iconic Coachella performance and Kanye West being very found of our 45th president.

Starting off the interview, she told Angie that she felt like as an artist she’s still just getting started saying “I can lean on the perfectionist side and sometimes that’s not healthy“. Janelle went on to talk about how she cares about the artistry of it and wants to make people feel the way she felt that when watching other artists in her own way such as Michael Jackson in “Moonwalker”, Prince in “Purple Rain”, or Missy Elliot videos. She elaborated stating that feeling this way could be a stressful way to but she wants to enjoy the process even when life throws curve balls her way.

Moving onto talking about Beyonce’s Coachella performance, Angie brought up the video of Queen B having to fix her own fan in the middle of her performance. Since she has been on promo for the album, Monáe wasn’t able to attend the festival but praised Beyonce and her artistry saying “She always has inspired me since I’ve wanted to be an artist, and she just continues to outdo herself“.

Janelle then talked about the two Oscar films she has starred in (“Moonlight” & “Hidden Figures“), saying that starring in the two movies helped her finish ‘Dirty Computer’. Speaking working on “Hidden Figures” she said she wanted to honor the Black woman who made it possible for astronauts to go into space, “I just think its so important to make sure our stories are told“. She went on the praise all the beautiful Black woman working out here in the industry, “when you have all these creatives whether its music or film, it feels like a renaissance, kind of like a new awakening“.

Kanye West has returned to Twitter lately and has faced a lot of backlash amidst his support for the current 45th President. Speaking on the matter, Angie said her initial reaction was that she was mad at Kanye. Asking Janelle how she felt about what Kanye has been saying, she had to say “He obviously has inspired me as an artist, I don’t know where he is at mentally, I will say the leader of our free world is a very divisive person, through the policies he has tried to push forward, we know what number 45 is and what he feels about black people, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community“. Janelle went on to say that she can’t endorse the way Kanye is highlighting the president and “I don’t support freethinking that fuels the oppressor and their agenda“.

Check out Janelle Monáe’s full interview with Angie Martinez below…

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