Jake Palumbo feat. Craig G & DJ Dainja "Big Top Clown Circus" (Video)

Jake Palumbo feat. Craig G & DJ Dainja "Big Top Clown Circus" (Video)

SpaceLAB Recordings, in association with Soulspazm Records unveils the visuals to “Big Top Clown Circus”, the 3rd single from Jake Palumbo’s latest LP 'Plant-Based Libtard', released on 1.7.2022 of this year.

Jake Palumbo is joined by Juice Crew legend and “The Symphony” alumni Craig G, with guest cuts by DJ Dainja (Psyche Origami, Beatminerz Radio, etc.).

The trio lace the horn-heavy soundtrack with technical precision & plenty of snarky sarcasm towards the clown show that the rap game can often feel like at times.

“Big Top Clown Circus” follows up 'Plant-Based Libtard’s' previous singles “Soy Boy With A Gun” and “Country Boy, City Kid”.

The music video was filmed guerilla-style in Brooklyn, with a throwback nod to the clown shows in the traveling carnivals of yesteryear.

The single originally premiered on Rap Is Outta Control on SiriusXM with DJ Eclipse & DJ Riz and has since received continued support from FM, college, & internet radio shows in the months since the album’s release.

'Plant-Based Libtard' (which you can stream and cop on all major digital service providers) is 14 tracks long, with a total running time of 34 minutes.

Produced by Jake Palumbo, it features guest appearances from Craig G, Nutso, RIM, King Magnetic, Lex The Hex Master, & Jarvis Waterfall, with cuts by DJ Evil Dee & DJ Dainja.