Jaguar Wright Accuses Common Of Sexual Assault

Jaguar Wright Accuses Common Of Sexual Assault

Philly singer Jaguar Wright accuses Common of sexual assault.

Gotdamn Common. Next thing I know, we go to bed and he’s like, ‘C’mon Jag.’ I’m like ‘No, no, no. I’m tired nigga. I was on the stage all night. I want to lay down.’ I laid down with my clothes on. I’m a rape survivor. I know how to buy myself a little time. Just in case a nigga try to get out of hand. You got to pull my pants down. By the time you get my pants down, I promise you I’m hooking off in your jaw. That’s how I grew up!

The next thing I know, I wake up. It’s morning and I feel something poking in my face and shit. And it’s just poking in my face, poking in my face. And I’m like ‘What the fuck?!’ Then I open my mouth, this nigga trying to stick his dick in my mouth while I’m sleep. Lonnie Fuckin Lynn. Rashid, #Common, whatever the fuck you want to call yourself.

Because nigga if you gon try to stick your dick in your mouth while I’m sleep, it ain’t nothing you won’t do.

I don’t even know why he running around parading around here with all these public relations relationships that never seem to last. When’s the last time he actually had a real bitch? You was with #SerenaWilliams that didn’t work out. You was with whoever and whoever. You always got whose hot dating you but the shit don’t last long. He ain’t been right since Lauryn Hill left him anyway.

Then he got with Erykah after I fuckin spurned him. He hated my ex-husband for I don’t know how long. No matter where we bumped into each other, he wouldn’t even look my ex-husband in the face. He would talk to everybody…real bitch shit. Let’s keep it a bean. Real bitch shit.

Then he got with Erykah and then #Erykah was jealous as fuck of me. That song “Booty” on that second album. That shit was about me. She made that shit up at Black Lily in New York. That line, ‘Your booty might be bigger but I still can pull your nigga but I don’t want him.’” –Jaguar Wright

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