Jae Stephens “Girls Don’t Cheat” (Dance Video)

Jae Stephens “Girls Don’t Cheat” (Dance Video)

Jae Stephens moves her way in the nostalgic “Girls Don’t Cheat” dance video.

Carving out her own lane in the R&B landscape, Jae Stephens does it all.

Today, the talented singer, songwriter, and producer shares the official dance video for her “Girls Don’t Cheat” single.

Co-written with her friend, R&B singer Chxrry22 and produced by Sensei Bueno (Janelle Monae’s ‘Age of Pleasure’), Jae describes the track as “fun, controversial, and braggadocious”.

Over the 90s R&B-inspired groovy bassline and uptempo drums, Jae oozes confidence and defends her heartbreaker status, affirming that she knows she deserves the best: “I got needs and you wasn’t giving / Sorry, why should I be sorry / If there’s one thing I ain’t, it’s sorry”.

In response to her man’s lackluster behavior, Jae unapologetically acts on her desires, seeking out attention from another lover.

A bold, unbothered Jae justifies her actions, singing “girls don’t cheat, we just need attention” as she takes back the power and puts herself first on the flirty track.

In the official dance video for “Girls Don’t Cheat”, Jae’s love triangle plays out in real life, smoothly moving from one dance partner to the next as she tries to find a man who will satisfy her.

Swapping out her partner at her will, Jae teases the men with her sensual dance moves, feeling herself as she doubles down on her shameless romantic philosophy.

The dance video, choreographed by Alex the Lion, is a testament to Jae’s all-around talent, bringing moves just as dominant as her vocals.

Jae Stephens “Girls Don’t Cheat” (Dance Video)
Photo Credit: Randijah Simmons

“Girls Don’t Cheat”, and recent single “WET”, are the start of a new era for Jae Stephens, who has been bubbling on the scene and is ready to blow.

The Dallas native first turned heads as a teenaged R&B prodigy, gaining notice with her soul-stirring vocals and preternatural songwriting ability.

While she was a high school student, Stephens built a devoted audience on Tumblr, winning 200,000 followers with her sterling covers of pop and R&B songs and her entertaining life updates.

She stepped out on her own as a 19-year-old, in 2017, releasing “24K”.

In 2019, Jae released ‘f**k it, i’ll do it myself’, a fully self-written and self-produced EP, home to her fan favorite single “got it like that”, and joined her friend Khalid during his performance on “Saturday Night Live”.

She has collaborated with kindred spirits like THEY, VanJess, Khamari, and Xavier Omar, and has racked up more than 50 million streams across her catalog.

Her most recent EP, ‘High My Name Is’, came out in 2022, shifting her sound in a more alternative and personal direction.

Now signed to Raedio, the “audio everywhere” company, in partnership with Def Jam Recordings, Jae Stephens is primed to deliver on her limitless potential.

Stay tuned for much more from the young singer-songwriter in the near future.

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