It’s “All Infinite” For Kooley High & Tuamie

Raleigh/Durham Hip Hop group Kooley High and Atlanta producer Tuamie share their new single and video for “All Infinite”.

Dive into the timeless realm of ‘All Infinite’, the new album from Raleigh/Durham Hip Hop collective Kooley High and Atlanta-bred producer Tuamie.

Head-knocking drums and superb flows come together to create a lush soundscape filled with tight scratches, vocal soundbites, and more.

Sit back and take it all in.

This album is a sonic journey that explores the boundless nature of energy and the concept of infinity.

Kooley High and Tuamie bring forth a fusion of soulful beats and insightful lyrics that is all their own.

While beginning as a one-track collaboration, the instant sonic chemistry of Kooley High and Tuamie has blossomed into a full-length album.

Each track resonates with the essence of classic Hip Hop, echoing the roots of the genre while pushing the boundaries of contemporary sound.

‘All Infinite’ is poised to be a testament to the enduring power of music.

The dynamic blend of retrospective and prospective lyrics seek to impact each listener on a personal level.

Two passionate creative forces have been united. Kooley High and Tuamie’s mission is clear – to spread good vibrations through the universal language of sound waves.

Join them on this musical odyssey where the energy is boundless, and the rhythms are eternal.

“All Infinite” is the title track and second single from Kooley High and Tuamie’s debut collaborative album.

Over Atlanta-bred producer Tuamie’s thumping string-laden beat, Kooley High reflect on the path traveled, and what lies ahead.

Their motivations for writing bars are both altruistic and introspective.

DJ Ill Digitz’ rhythmic scratching adds increased musicality to this serene setting.

Video filmed, directed, and edited by Torch House Media

Kooley High and Tuamie’s “All Infinite” track is available now to stream and cop while their upcoming album of the same name, set to drop on 4.19.2024, is available now to pre-order/pre-save on all major digital streaming platforms

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