Is Umar Johnson Assuming A Dead Man's Identity???

Umar Johnson on the phone back in December 2016 [Press Photo]

For years, there's been talk about professional bootlegger, fundraiser, & "cookie-crusher" Jermaine Shoemake aka "Umar Johnson" living his life assuming a real doctor's (who happens to be an Arab man that graduated from college around the same time Jermaine [or Pimpin J, as I like to refer to him] claimed to have graduated) identity.

After doing my own research of the real Umar Johnson not too long ago, I came across this. Now could Pimpin J be living his life assuming a dead man's identity??? Let's find out.

As I looked through this obituary, I seen that the man that could be the real Umar Johnson had died in New Hanover, North Carolina (which there is no such city or town as I live in Wilmington which happens to be in New Hanover County) last year back in August 4, 2017.

Adding to the suspense is the fact that a woman, named Audrey Johnson, that claims to be his mother had dropped a comment on the obituary's guestbook which you can give a read below...

"This candle is a token of my love for you. You may be gone, but you're never be forgotten! Love you my son! Mom!!!" -Audrey Johnson

What makes this particular action even more interesting is the fact that the woman that claims to be the mother of the man that could be the real Umar Johnson happens to be from Philadelphia where Pimpin J claims to be born & raised (it recently came out that Jermaine grew up in a residential school in Franklin County which happens to be over 158 miles away from Philadelphia).

With these receipts in mind, only time will tell if this is the obituary of the real Umar Johnson or nah. But if Pimpin J is actually assuming a dead man's identity, shit could be worse for him than it already is...

We will keep you posted as we get more updates on this matter.