Indiana Man Timothy Florence Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Indiana Man Timothy Florence Awarded Donkey Of The Day

An Indiana man named Timothy Florence has been awarded Donkey Of The Day for shooting his neighbor over a lawn mowing dispute.

This has been a good week for Charlamagne Tha God’s Donkey Of The Day segment so far.

With that in mind, a 53-year-old man named Timothy Florence–of Browns Valley, Indiana–happens to be the focus of today’s Donkey Of The Day.

This past weekend, Florence had words with his neighbor about where he (the neighbor) should be cutting grass eventually ending with Florence shooting said neighbor.

Florence has since been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

At the time of this post, the neighbor is currently in stable but critical condition from life-threatening injuries.

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  • Well the victim didn’t die but ol Timothy F was actually trespassing and 2 hours before that had been told by police to stay off the property. No grass from the victim yard ever made it to Tim’s yard. I was there and I saw it!

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