India Man Aakash Majumdar Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Proud Sexual Balloon Fetish (Objectophilia)

India Man Aakash Majumdar Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Proud Sexual Balloon Fetish (Objectophilia)

India man Aakash Majumdar has been awarded Donkey Of The Day for having a proud sexual balloon fetish (or objectophilia).

We have covered some interesting Donkey Of The Days in the years this segment has run.

Which brings us to today Donkey, who happens to be a 28-year-old man named Aakash Majumdar of Mumbai, India.

The weirdo that is Majumdar has an interesting sexual attraction to inanimate objects aka objectophilia.

With that in mind, the current literal object of Majumdar's affection turns out to be a bunch of balloons.

Mr. Weirdo gets into this more in detail by saying “I like their presence and warmth, and share intimate feelings with my balloons and vice versa. When you’re in love, you spend a lot of time together and accept all kinds of flaws.”

Majumdar elaborates more on his fetish by mentioning that his floating lovers communicate with him through telepathy and dreams, and they share “each and every thought, feeling and emotion.”

It's also worth mentioning that Majumdar, who's sexuality is “objectum sexual” according to him, sleeps with his big bunch of balloons as well.

Don't believe us???

We will let him tell it in his own words: “Every morning, I wake up by saying ‘good morning’ and giving a kiss to my balloons that sleep beside me, and vice versa. I make out with my balloons.”

Mr. Weirdo also let it be known that “Since I’ve confessed my love for my balloons, my life has changed for the better. Our love is so strong that I can’t live without him.”

Well, ain't that just nice lol???

Did we also mention that these balloons go where Mr. Weirdo goes???

I can talk to them, take them shopping and for a walk in the garden. [The balloons] should have the freedom and the chance to see the world, and that is the reason why I walk with them everywhere.”

There's more but we will let Charlamagne Tha God take over from here...