Imani Nichele “Mixed Up” (Video)

Imani Nichele announces her ‘dramaqueen.’ EP plus shares her lead single, “Mixed Up”.

Emerging rapper and singer-songwriter Imani Nichele is proud to announce her upcoming EP, ‘dramaqueen.’, which is due for release May 9th.

Ahead of the project, Imani Nichele premieres its lead single and video “Mixed Up”.

Produced by Jay Fab of The Olympicks (Future, Big Sean), the 23-year old Chicago-based artist displays new range on the enticing yet contemplative track.

The new single, “Mixed Up”, boasts a rich sonic tapestry, blending soulful textures, exquisite keys, and a pulsating bass-driven rhythm that lays the foundation for Nichele’s velvety vocals and poignant lyricism.

Through her impassioned delivery and insightful songwriting, Nichele invites listeners into her world, offering a raw and intimate glimpse into the complexities of being a young woman navigating the twists and turns of life.

Discussing the track, Imani states, “It’s about the desire to have control of change. It’s hard not being able to relate to past versions of self.

After a series of singles in 2023, Imani Nichele is set to return with her debut EP, ‘dramaqueen.’, on May 9th.

With only 4 tracks totaling under 10 minutes, ‘dramaqueen.’ focuses on introspection.

Imani says, “This felt like an honest attempt at materializing a very lonely brainspace that I frequent; feeling consumed by the situations I find myself in, those both in and out of my control.

She continues, “I am going to get up and through it, but I do need a minute to scream—in a dark toned, melancholic soundscape that I feel contrasts well with the expectation the title might set.

Imani Nichele is a Chicago-based poet, rapper, singer/songwriter, and DJ.

Born and raised in Detroit, MI – her work has diverse influences on spectrums between alternative, folk, and underground Hip-Hop.

During her teenage years, she was active in poetry workshops and even wrote a book at the age of 17.

After excelling in the community and serving as the 2018 Detroit Youth Poet Laureate – she began to pursue music and released her 4-track EP, ‘Wellness Check’ in 2022.

Imani Nichele’s beloved 2023 single, “PETA”, was recognized by Ebro Darden, being featured in “Discovered” on Apple Music.

In addition to being a solo artist, she is co-founder of DJ duo 22xS under the alias “Mani duh Mixer”.

Aside from her marrying melancholic melodies, the young artist has also toured; traveling overseas and US spot dates.

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