Ice-T (@FinalLevel) On Mass Appeal’s Too Old To Die Young

Ice-T (@FinalLevel) On Mass Appeal's Too Old To Die Young

“Too Old To Die Young is a short documentary series hosted by legendary publicist Bill Adler that showcases the lives of urban culture’s most legendary characters. Today’s episode focuses on the world of Ice-T, one of the pioneers of gangster rap, and one of the most successful rapper-turned-actors till date. We spent a day in Ice’s home, getting an intimate look into his personal life.

In the second episode of the new series, Bill Adler chills with Ice-T, the rapper, bandleader, actor, and filmmaker whose documentary film ‘Art of Rap’ breaks down the craft and technique of rapping.

While showing us his “small car collection,” Ice retells a conversation he had with a car dealer: “He says ‘You have everything you need. You have shoes, you have pants, you have your rent paid. Now life is about what you want.'” So now, Ice-T says, he’s been fucking around, buying shit he wants.

Walking through the house Ice reminds us that he has accumulated six gold records, and remarks “this is when people had to actually physically go into the store and buy your record. It’s a big commitment.” Things have changed a lot now, but back when a 29 year-old Ice-T released his debut album, ‘Rhyme Pays,’ you had to sell 500,000 records for those gold bones and extinct disks.

As Coco, Ice-T’s wife of 15 years, brings us into the Coco Cave, her room full of shoes and accessories, Ice tells us how he watched Ozzy and Sharon Osborne’s relationship on TV. “Ozzy doesn’t seem like someone that’s going to pay a cable bill. Somebody’s got to hold that together. I need a chick like that.”

As a hustler and an on-screen cop, Ice-T clarifies that the rapper who made “Cop Killer” also plays characters on screen. ‘Law & Order’ creator Dick Wolf specifically asked him to play the cop character that the show needed. Seventeen years later the player is still playin’.” –Mass Appeal