Hotel Manager David Neal Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Hotel Manager David Neal Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Hotel manager David Neal has been awarded Donkey Of The Day.

An interesting Donkey Of The Day this is…

A while back, a Texas man named Peter Brennan was visiting Nashville on business.

While Brennan was sleeping in his room at the Hilton Downtown Nashville Hotel, now ex-hotel manager David Neal took it upon himself to break into his (Brennan) room and start sucking on his toes 🤔

Brennan had this to say, “I was in Nashville for a work conference. I awoke to a gentleman, an employee of the Hilton, assaulting me.”

At this point, Brennan had woken up to what he felt was a living nightmare.

Brennan continued with, “Instantly jumped up and was screaming. Went into sort of fact-finding mode. Who are you? Why are you in my room? What are you doing here? I could see he was wearing a uniform, he had his name tag on. He was talking to me but not giving me any substantive answers.”

Unfortunately for Neal, Nashville law enforcement is on a first-name basis with him.

Michael Fisher, Brennan’s attorney with the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, had this to say, “We found multiple crimes — felonies, prison time, court decisions.”

Which goes to show you that while some people change, some people will always stay the same.

And in this case, that’s not a good thing at all.

Fisher added, “They have to be very careful with who you give access to that has the ability to create guest key cards for any room in the hotel.”

While Neal has since been arrested and charged with aggravated burglary, Brennan still continues to relive the nightmare as he mentions that “I’m having problems sleeping frankly, I’m going through some PTSD, talking to a therapist I still don’t really feel safe in my own home.”

You can give what Charlamagne Tha God–who has awarded David Neal a well-deserved Donkey Of The Day for his sick, twisted fuckery–had to say on this situation plus drop feedback in the comment box below…

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