Hopsin On Mass Appeal’s ‘Open Space’

Hopsin On Mass Appeal's 'Open Space'

“For over a decade, Hopsin has proven himself to be one of the most honest artists out there when it comes to revealing his personal history through music. During his interview with MASS APPEAL for our Open Space series, he was as forthcoming as ever.

Back in 2014, the infamous LA rapper announced his retirement from music, stating he would move to Australia. He never totally retired or relocated, but he did get banned from the country. While discussing his song “Hotel in Sydney,” the lead track off his new album No Shame, he explains what happened. It’s a tale that involves hotel room arguments, hidden passports, and the type of video of you that you definitely don’t want your girl to show to the cops.

Hopsin also talks about his new label, Undercover Prodigy. Created after he left Funk Volume, not only is No Shame the first release on the imprint, but he says Undercover Prodigy will serve as a platform for other talented individuals to shine and gain mentorship from him.

Back in 2015, Hopsin accidentally scored a viral hit with “No Words,” his parody of mumble rappers, and No Shame features a follow-up. “It’s funny because if you play those songs in the club, no one is going to question it. They’ll subconsciously think there are words there and just keep the vibe going,” he says. “I wasn’t targeting any specific artist though, no.”

Check out our Open Space with Hopsin where he also cops to getting handjobs at massage parlors and unrepentantly paying a girl’s bills just so he can have sex whenever he wants.” –Mass Appeal

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