Homeboy Sandman Drops ’12 Days Of Christmas & Dia De Los Reyes’ Album

Homeboy Sandman Drops '12 Days Of Christmas & Dia De Los Reyes' Album

Homeboy Sandman releases his new album ’12 Days Of Christmas & Dia De Los Reyes’.

Prolific rapper Homeboy Sandman is back with new music in the form of his upcoming project ’12 Days Of Christmas & Dia De Los Reyes’.

To say that Homeboy Sandman has had a productive 2022 would be an understatement.

He kicked off the year with the Illingsworth-produced ‘There In Spirit’ EP, a 7-track masterclass in top-notch production and elite-level lyricism.

This past summer, he shared his ‘I Can’t Sell These‘ mixtape.

Homeboy Sandman later dropped the deluxe edition of his acclaimed 2021 collaboration with Aesop Rock, ‘Anjelitu’.

The dedicated emcee is fresh off the release of his highly praised album, ‘Still Champion’, produced entirely by Deca.

In addition to these outings, Homeboy Sandman collaborated with Oakstop Alliance, to help create their debut album ‘Royalty Summit’.

He wanted to gift his supporters with more music to end 2022 and begin the new year, thus ’12 Days Of Christmas & Dia De Los Reyes’ was born.

Homeboy Sandman explaining the inspiration behind the new project, “I was at the gym and I was thinking about holiday season gift giving. I have music to give.”

’12 Days Of Christmas & Dia De Los Reyes’ will be Homeboy Sandman’s first multi-producer studio album since ‘Veins’.

He says, “I’ve been on the one producer per release tip since ‘Humble Pi’. 5 years. Edan, Mono En Stereo, Quelle Chris, Aesop Rock, Illingsworth, and Deca. Those are some amazing producers but it feels good to mix it up again like I used to.”

The new album sees Homeboy Sandman once again collaborating with Mono En Stereo, who produced Sand’s albums ‘Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent’ and ‘Dusty‘.

The legendary Peanut Butter Wolf returns to Hip Hop production after a lengthy hiatus, providing the beat for “Second Day of Christmas”.

The beat for “Third Day of Christmas” was made by M.J.R.K.M.S., who produced Homeboy Sandman’s first song ever released on Stones Throw (“New York Nights”) under the moniker DFM.

Sand says, “This release includes the first track of mine produced by M.J.R.K.M.S. since his passing. He was an exceptional person and talent, and a great friend. I’m happy for people to hear some more of what he was able to do.”

The album also includes production from Illingsworth, NOLAN, K-Nite 13, Locust, Haadoob, Kahlil Cezzane, and Homeboy Sandman himself!

’12 Days Of Christmas & Dia De Los Reyes’ is set to be the first full-length release on Homeboy Sandman’s imprint, Dirty Looks.

I’m excited about Dirty Looks’ first full length release. The team is filling out nicely, we’ve got GAM as our official recording engineer and GAMBODIA as our official studio. We’ve got Darko the Super as our official mix engineer. And we’ve got our art director Lukas Baron who cooked up a different fly visual for each of the 13 singles.”

In addition to the new album, Homeboy Sandman announces The Florida Expedition Tour.

With support from rapper/singer E-Turn, Homeboy Sandman will embark on a five-date run of shows including Jacksonville (1/27), Miami (1/28), West Palm Beach (2/2), Tampa (2/3), and Orlando (2/4).

He states, “E-Turn gets hers! I’m hyped about that Florida run. I love Florida. I love beaches. I love sun. I love the fans there, we always get nice and sweaty. Those that know me best know that at heart I am a tropical creature (big shout my boy Rob Sonic).”

Tickets and event information available here.

Homeboy Sandman concludes, “Happy holidays everybody regardless of what you’re celebrating.”

The daily single rollout for ’12 Days Of Christmas & Dia De Los Reyes’ began on Christmas Day which led up to the full album which is available now to stream and cop below…




Homeboy Sandman’s ’12 Days Of Christmas & Dia De Los Reyes’ album is also available now to stream and cop on all major DSPs