Is The @HipHopDigest Show Just A Group Of 'Hatin A$$ Old Heads???'

King Killa, Curt G, & E.Green (collectively known as The Hip Hop Digest) are back with another episode for that ass this week on The DigiSpot...The synopsis reads as follows:

The young dude said what a lot of young rap dudes think huh? Forget them old hatin a$$ folks hatin on the young music huh? Y’all just wanna have fun huh? We’re going to address that topic head on. MTV is going to try to provide a space for classic Hip Hop? For real? No, I mean for real??? Ok. e.Color finally addresses the “commercial.” We’re fired up this week! You will be too! Get in! Listen, then share this link! Post your comments, and/or rate us!


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