The @HipHopDigest Show Interviews Kurtis Blow (@KurtisBlow1) [2.18.2016]

The @HipHopDigest Show Interviews Kurtis Blow (@KurtisBlow1) [2.18.2016]

The peeps King Killa, Curt G, & E.Green over at The Hip Hop Digest make their 2nd appearance this week on with a special interview from 1 of my favorite rappers of all time, Kurtis Blow...The synopsis reads as follows:

This interview is probably one of the best yet... Not that we haven't had some awesome ones already, but this one right here??? Legendary interview of a legendary MC. The one and only Kurtis Blow stopped thru to drop some GEMS!!!! No need to ready any further, click the link, get in, listen, and SEND THIS LINK to someone!

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