The @HipHopDigest Show Feels The 'South Got Something To Say'

The @HipHopDigest Show Feels The 'South Got Something To Say'

The peeps King Killa, Curt G, & E.Green over at The Hip Hop Digest come with another episode for that ass this week on synopsis reads as follows:

We finally picked up a sponsor for the Music Segment near the end of the show! WWW.HERBBOXX.COM Quality product for those that indulge. We had Kenya Brantley, CEO of Herbboxx on and boy, did he have something to add for the south! What a great way to begin a relationship! This conversation will be seen similar to the Democrat debates, but not hardly as distracting, because THIS conversation is beyond politics, it’s about the genre of music that we love, and folks get very passionate about it! Hit the link, get in, listen, RATE, and share this show!

And make sure you head on over to to see what a great quality product they offer!


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