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Here’s Why Kanye West Should’ve Stayed Behind The Boards…

Putting together “The Kanye Beats Episode” of our mixshow podcast, “ Presents”, as well as the recent broadcasting of his public meltdown got me thinking about the production genius that was Kanye West. While I believe that it was in his heart to eventually become a rapper, it’s hard to deny the greatness that came from the mind of The Artist Formerly Known As The Louis Vuitton Don. But what would have become of Kanye’s career if he stayed behind the boards full-time & never picked up a microphone??? Here’s what I think would’ve happened…

When I heard my first Kanye West beat on the intro track of Jermaine Dupri’s album ‘Life In 1472’ (“Turn It Out” featuring Nas), I had no idea who was behind the beat as Kanye was an unknown producer when said album was released. But I knew I had something to vibe to every time I came to class (I was a junior in high school at the time) because in between schoolwork, hot beats, and catchy lyrics on this track (as well as the rest of this classic album), that particular class was smooth-sailing. But it wasn’t until he signed to Rocafella Records (between 2002 and/or 2003, I believe [I’m trying to remember without using Google]) as a producer that I would realize how much of an impact his beats would make on my (and everybody else’s) life.

It was (and still is) sad to look at the direction Kanye West’s career had went in once he came from behind the boards & picked up a microphone. Yes, it’s no secret that his earlier Rap songs had made an impact on everybody’s lives (mine included) but what would happen to his music as well as his beats later on down the road would be enough to write up a script for a horror (or at least a drama) movie. With the passing of his mother (due to medical malpractice) back in 2005 would come the moment when Kanye lost his drive as his music & his beats would go places nobody would’ve thought imaginable and this didn’t happen in a good way.

As I listen to Geda K’s classic track “Respect Carter”, I wonder if Kanye West would continue to make classic sounds such as this had he kept his drive after the death of his mother. I think he still has what it takes to get back to the production genius that he once was whenever he can find it in him to tap into it again. With this little bit of insight I’ve shared on this matter, Kanye West should’ve stayed behind the boards & never have picked up the microphone (which will be another argument for another day).

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