Here's How Darnell Ferguson Went From Being Homeless To Owning 3 Restaurants...
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Here’s How Darnell Ferguson Went From Being Homeless To Owning 3 Restaurants…

Darnell Ferguson has been up & down in his life but today he stands proud as the owner of SuperChefs, a very successful Louisville restaurant franchise.

Darnell’s life started off well with what he says were good parents (he puts a lot of credit in his step dad) but he struggled with school & was on the verge of being kicked out. So, like many troubled young men, he went over to vocational school where his love of cooking started.

After eventually enrolling in Sullivan University in Louisville, KY, he wanted to become a top chef. However, problems with only having access to partial funding started his woes.

He could only enroll in a few evening courses but he kept working through it & eventually managed to get some day courses. He excelled and was selected to go to the Beijing Olympics as one of only two African-Americans in the 22-strong chef team.

But he was struggling financially & had taken to selling drugs.

After graduation, the drug selling continued. Then arrests came (8 in three months) then eviction & then eventually, homelessness.

His temper & problems holding a job brought more trouble for him despite his skills.