Hallmark Media Premieres Episodes 1 & 2 of Mahogany Original Podcast, “Crimson Hearts Collide”

Hallmark Media Premieres Episodes 1 & 2 of Mahogany Original Podcast, “Crimson Hearts Collide”

Hallmark Media to premiere an all-new Mahogany original scripted podcast, “Crimson Hearts Collide”, starring Malinda Williams, Amanda Seales, and Keith D. Robinson

Episodes 101 and 102, followed by new episodes every Thursday, are available wherever listeners find their favorite podcasts

Now you can listen to the Hallmark Channel on the go!!!

Get ready for the highly anticipated debut of Hallmark’s Mahogany Presents, “Crimson Hearts Collide”, the latest addition to the scripted podcast space!!!

Starring Malinda Williams, Amanda Seales, and Keith D. Robinson, the first two episodes of the all-new original podcast series are now available, with subsequent episodes airing every Thursday.

Listeners will be transported from New York City to Alabama and into the lives of “Crimson Hearts Collide's” three main characters: Sonora Williams (Malinda Williams, “Soul Food”), a top lawyer in New York City, her best friend, Kelsey (Amanda Seales, “Insecure”) and handsome cowboy, Zeke Summers (Keith D. Robinson, “Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday”).

One day, Sonora receives a letter in the mail that changes everything!!!

She has an uncle who just passed away and left her an inheritance, a farm in Alabama.

For her entire life growing up in foster care, she was told she had no family, leaving her to wonder, if he knew about her, why did he not come for her???

In search of answers, Sonora travels down south to collect her inheritance and discovers her uncle has left her his most prized possession, the farm.

While in Alabama, she meets the people who keep the farm running.

Sparks fly when she meets and falls for real-life cowboy Zeke Summers, who is clearly not happy with his new big-city boss.

Sonora’s world falls apart when her law firm postpones her big promotion to partner, and her newly discovered cousin, Eloise, lays legal claim to the farm Sonora has just inherited.

Sonora desperately tries to get more information about her boss, Laura's sudden change of heart.

Meanwhile, she discovers that the farm is deep in debt.

Family friend Minnie bonds with Sonora as she helps her with a hair emergency and fills her in on Uncle Chuck’s flawed business dealings.

Apparently, Chuck’s compassion is what got the farm in trouble.

This only adds to the mystery of why Uncle Chuck never reached out to Sonora.

The revelation that Zeke’s heart is taken puts a damper on Sonora’s attraction.

While a workers' crisis sends the farm into a deeper debt spiral, Cousin Eloise treats the farm as her personal retreat.

With each episode building on the last, “Crimson Hearts Collide” promises to be a gripping, must-listen series that explores the complexities of friendship, family, love, and ambition.

An eight-part series, “Crimson Hearts Collide” marks the first-ever scripted podcasting venture for the company and a milestone in the continued extension of Hallmark’s legacy brand Mahogany, an iconic 30+ year-old card line brought to life as a Hallmark Media entertainment initiative last year.

Mahogany content offerings spotlight storytelling that exemplifies family, community, connection, positivity, and the power of love – all through the unique lens of Black culture.

Tune in every Thursday to follow Sonora, Kelsey, and Zeke and join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #CrimsonHeartsCollide.

Don't miss out on this thrilling new podcast series from Hallmark’s Mahogany Presents!!!


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