Gummy Bear Brand Haribo Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Gummy Bear Brand Haribo Awarded Donkey Of The Day

German gummy bear brand Haribo has been awarded Donkey Of The Day.

In 2022, doing the right thing continues to get harder and harder.

Today’s Donkey Of The Day is a perfect example of that.

Case in point, a while back, 38-year-old man Anouar G. of Frankfurt, Germany, found a check worth €4,631,538.80 ($4,809,274.10) that was made out to gummy bear brand Haribo from supermarket chain Rewe (both based in Germany).

Anouar had this to say “There was such a large sum on it that I couldn’t even pronounce it.”

When Anouar let it be known to Haribo, they told him to destroy the check and send a picture as receipts.

Anouar did the right thing and we’re proud of him.

But unfortunately, the reward the company gave Anouar for his gratitude was anything short of disappointing.

Haribo thought it was a good idea to reward Anouar with six bags of of their own gummy candy for being a good Samaritan.

Anouar’s reaction to it was “I thought that was a bit cheap.”

We couldn’t agree more.

We’re with you on that Anouar 👍🏾

Of course, Haribo doubled-down on their cheapness with the following statement:

Since it was a named check, nobody but our company could have redeemed it. It was our standard package that we send as a thank you.”

Charlamagne Tha God, who has awarded Haribo a well-deserved Donkey Of The Day for their cheapness as well as their pettiness, shared his thoughts on this situation and you can hear what they are below…