Greg Olsen On Kevin Hart’s “Cold As Balls”

Greg Olsen praises Cam Newton plus gives his thoughts on current TEs Travis Kelce and George Kittle on Kevin Hart’s “Cold As Balls”.

We share today’s new episode of “Cold As Balls” from LOL Network starring NFL titan and sports broadcaster Greg Olsen.

The 3x Pro Bowler talks about how TEs are finally in the conversation of top players today, most of that being because of players like Travis Kelce and George Kittle.

He also jokes that TEs have to have the skills to basically play multiple positions, but be okay with half the pay.

He also gives his thoughts on Cam Newton and how he had his best years playing with QB, revealing he doesn’t think Newton gets enough credit for everything he does.

Later in the episode, Olsen talks about redefining his career as a sportscaster, and reveals that he sees himself as an analyst for many years to come.

Some highlights from the episode include:

  • Greg gives his thoughts on TEs today, and that the position is now in the conversation of marquee players due to guys like Travis Kelce and George Kittle. He also notes how most TEs are basically playing multiple positions for half the pay. (1:06 – 2:21)
  • Olsen admits he is never sure of anything in life, admitting he was sure that he would get a great long term contract and stay with the Chicago Bears for his entire career after playing well in the playoffs (4:53 – 5:28)
  • Greg tells Kevin about his time playing with Cam Newton saying, “My 9 years with Cam were the best years of my career, and it was not by accident” (8:16 – 9:29)
  • Olsen talks about redefining his career as an analyst, and says being the narrative and voice taking audiences through games is something he sees himself doing for a long time (9:32 – 10:26)

New episodes will air Tuesdays on the Laugh Out Loud YouTube channel, as well as Hart’s Instagram page.

Remaining guests this season include Jayden Daniels and Micah Parsons.

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