Grand Opus – Super Power Bros [MP3]

Grand Opus - Super Power Bros [Track Artwork]

“This is Hip-Hop, Knowledge, DJ, Rap, Breakin’… Graffiti spray paintin’ in a jungle made of pavement.” –Joc Scholar on “Super Power Bros”

Following up from the critically acclaimed “360° Degrees” in April, 2017, the California-based group Grand Opus have decided to release the fifth single from their criminally under appreciated studio debut ‘Forever‘. Their latest single “Super Power Bros” is the ideal cut selection to highlight Joc Scholar & Centric’s unique synergy together lyrically & sonically, as they exercise their individual super powers as a duo, think Mario / Luigi, Batman / Robin, and Simon / Garfunkel [jokes!!!], with this unfiltered, hard-hitting single… Hip-Hop in its purest form. For the un-acclimated, Oakland, CA producer Centric, has collaborated with the likes of Kool G Rap, Black Rob, Sean Price, Mistah FAB, Swizz Beatz, & Joc Scholar, a true emcee from Fresno, CA who laced this beat [+ album] with his illuminating bars and delivery, two artists combining to create one entity without boundaries, label politics, or restrictions.

Stream Grand Opus' (@Centric510 @JocScholar) 'Forever' Album

In a similar vein to Pete Rock & C.L Smooth, Reflection Eternal, Gangstarr, & other legendary Hip-Hop MC / Producer pairings, Grand Opus [Joc Scholar & Centric] emerged in 2015 to form the group, with a nostalgic, yet distinctive sound & style, recently they released their debut album ‘Forever,’ which features Fresno’s Planet Asia, Nas’ Mass Appeal artist Fashawn, & Roc Nation writer / songstress Alicia Renee, who has penned hits for both Rhianna & Ariana Grande. If you haven’t had the chance to hear the album, give it a listen here on VannDigital.

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