Grand Opus (@GrandOpusCA @Centric510 @JocScholar) feat. Maestro (@Maestro1977) – 360 Degrees [Video]

Grand Opus - 360 Degrees [Track Artwork]

"We love and we hate, the yang and the ying, a spark from within… when the cycle begins" // Joc Scholar – '360° Degrees'

Knowing that the construct of linear time is an illusion and everything exists in perennial universal cycles, both naturally & cosmically, "360° Degrees" by Left Coast Hip-Hop duo Grand Opus [MC, Joc Scholar & Producer, Centric] is the perfect lyrical example of how some of those cycles collectively effect everyone, everyday throughout our lifetimes, no matter how positive or negative these cyclical experiences are, always knowing that eventually everything has to return to it's original state, "Three Hundred, and Sixty Degrees".

Grand Opus on March 10, 2017 [Press Photo]

"360° Degrees" is an aesthetically vibrant video, that shows the Oakland/Fresno pair in their element, back to back, shot & directed by Souleaux Digital, who utilized multiple aerial views, and camera angles in various locations throughout the Los Angeles area, giving this visual a look & feel, the song deserves. If your a connoisseur of heartfelt, soul-fused lyricism & authentic production, then look no further… and if for whatever reason you haven't heard Grand Opus' 2016 released debut album 'Forever' yet, have a listen immediately here on!!!