GOTTI MOB (Kurupt & C-Mob) Drop ‘Don’t Be Stupid’ Album + “I Ain’t Even Know” Video

GOTTI MOB (Kurupt & C-Mob) Drop 'Don't Be Stupid' Album + "I Ain't Even Know" Video

GOTTI MOB (Kurupt and C-Mob) let loose their ‘Don’t Be Stupid’ album plus share their “I Ain’t Even Know” video.

It’s the West meets the Midwest on ‘Don’t Be Stupid’, the lyrically raw new album from GOTTI MOB aka the duo of Kurupt & C-Mob.

The project bumps thanks to its trunk-rattling production, and it boasts features from living rap legends including Snoop Dogg, Too $hort, Spice 1, and KXNG Crooked among others!

More than a simple slice of life advice, the album’s title also serves as a proclamation to the world, particularly the competition.

Every rival emcee on the planet catches a stray across the entirety of ‘Don’t Be Stupid’, especially on single “Want Smoke!”, the hard-as-hell “Da Bizne$$”, and the snarling album-closer “Everywhere” featuring KXNG Crooked and Spice 1.

The project began coming together in 2021 when Executive Producer/A&R M-Eighty was sitting down with Kurupt and discussing future project plans.

I brought up the idea of a project between the two emcees,” M-80 explains, adding that he had an affinity for C-Mob as a fellow Indiana rap native.

GOTTI MOB (Kurupt & C-Mob) Drop 'Don't Be Stupid' Album + "I Ain't Even Know" Video
From left to right: Kurupt and C-Mob

Plus, Kurupt and C-Mob had collaborated on a few tracks in the past few years.

At its outset, ‘Don’t Be Stupid’ was actually set to be an EP.

But the two emcees gelled so well together and shared such a mutual appreciation that they couldn’t stop at just the first handful of tracks.

Everything came together so well and so efficiently that we managed to complete an entire album in the already tight time-frame,” C-Mob explains.

Kurupt echoes his collaborator’s points when speaking on the project.

He also feels it’s the duty of hip-hop OGs to “use their influence, power and guidance to shed light on those talented emcees like C-Mob in the hopes they can enjoy the same accolades and career successes as me and my peers.”

His words are a true testament to Don’t Be Stupid’s collaborative nature, which is also what makes it such a resounding success.

‘Don’t Be Stupid’ is available now via Penagon Records/GOTTI MOB in partnership with Compound Interest.

You can also buy the album on vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital download via, where you can purchase various GOTTI MOB merchandise as well.

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