Glass Bottom Boat Announces 'Definitive: A Year In The Nebula - Winter' #Album + Release Date (@DoggmaUno)

Glass Bottom Boat - Definitive: A Year In The Nebula - Winter [Album Artwork]

The 4th and final volume of the 'Definitive LP', 'Definitive: A Year In The Nebula - Winter' is a heavy-toned lyrical snow storm. The 13-track project features production from many of the producers that have made the Definitive Series so unique including: Duke Westlake, Kev Brown, EQ - Out The Ash Tray of LA, Jeepz, J Clyde, Rokem, and Cal-S-Thetics. The album features Glass Bottom Boat steering the "pensmenship" in a weaving course through narratives both foreboding and inspiring, with help from DJs Deaf Switch and Toon Kurtis (UK) as well as featured artists Kozme, Kavie, EQ, Anita Blunt, Kiddo and Mad Macks (EOTR), and MP of Rebels to the Grain.

"I think winter has a profound effect on me personally; on my mood and outlook. I'd say it's reflective of the writing on the album," bluntly states Tone Dogg Raw when asked about the project. "There's a bit more of a somber feel and introspective approach, which works combined with the various ideas we explore and topics we cover," he continues.

The themes of challenge, endurance, resolution and death reverberate loudly throughout the project. "The themes for each project were fixed somewhat," explains Cal-S-thetics speaking of the project, "so we really let the mood of each season drive our writing as well as the beats we chose to feature on each. With 'Winter', there was a more concerted effort to really craft a heavier mood and darker tone." Yet and still, the album does provide important moments of redemption in the midst of fear, angst and sometimes hopelessness. Cal-S- agrees, "While the atmosphere is a little dreary, there are definitely sparks of fiery resolve shining through. I think of joints like 'Make Fire' and 'Good Winds' of being the heart of the album's spirit."

As the final installment of the 'Definitive LP', 'Winter' is a dark project in and of itself as hinted at by the stark and abstract cover art by Arrash Kakvand. What is clear is that Glass Bottom Boat conveys the coldness and unforgiving nature of the season well. And if you listen to the album carefully, you will also notice that they have left a small yet incredibly warm hearth lit for you to sit by as you listen to the tales they tell. A glimmer of hope in a world so cold. "That's why we 'Make Fire'."

'Definitive: A Year In The Nebula - Winter' (which you can pre-order via will be available digitally on all streaming services as well as CD & Vinyl on March 27th, 2018!!!

**UPDATE** Glass Bottom Boat's 'Definitive: A Year In The Nebula - Winter' album is now available to stream & cop below...