@GensuDean & @WiseIntelligent – Game Of Death [Video]

@GensuDean & @WiseIntelligent - Game Of Death [Video]

The first video release from the upcoming Gensu Dean & Wise Intelligent album debuted at HipHopDX today. Lyrically the song is nothing short of what you’d expect from one of Hiphop’s most legendary emcees – five and a half minutes of raw knowledge and styles. These are the type of verses you rewind ten times to breakdown one line and then start googling, then looking for books by Marimba Ani & Cheikh Diop before finally understanding only the most basic element of the ideas laid before you. Each verse’s jewels hidden in plain sight, waiting for true seekers to do the knowledge. Wise Intelligent reminds listeners he’s one of the illest gods the game has ever produced. He also reminds you this is far from a game, and much more than music.

“God born in a manger where the bangers rep sets / Where the clappers think I’m trappin cause my sneakers so fresh”

Switch to production and you’ll find your head snapping as Gensu Dean leans into heavy bass and snares, with the sound of triumphant everyman’s victory laced into the back drop. This is yet another chamber of Dean’s production prowess. The Lord Gensu gets raucous in the video shaking bars, slinging webs, practicing wing chun and bouncing atop a toppled couch.

The new album “Game of Death” arrives June 2nd.

Directed by Tommy Nova. Shot in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can pre-order the ‘Game Of Death‘ collabo project via iTunes/Apple Music | Bandcamp | Spotify | Mello Music Group [CD | Vinyl]