Gemaine (@JustGemaine) Is 'Curious'
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Gemaine (@JustGemaine) Is ‘Curious’

Compton singer Gemaine may only be 20 years old, but his debut EP ‘Curious‘ explores relationships, heartbreak, & healing with soulfulness beyond his years. With a soaring voice that combines technical chops with passion & versatility, Gemaine takes listeners through his journey with his first body of work, his ‘Curious‘ EP, as he falls in love, experiences the downfall of a relationship, and picks himself back up.

Gemaine explained:

“I’m so excited for fans to finally hear my entire project & to get more clarity about who I am. Thousands of songs are released every day. Just knowing that you’re competing with that kind of noise is intimidating, but I believe in God & I believe that I was chosen to do this… I never understood why it could take a year to make an album until I started recording. There is so much that goes into it beyond just writing a good song – when you want everything to be the best it takes time.”

Although ‘Curious‘ is his first body of work, for the past year & a half, Gemaine has been building a steady buzz, starting with the song that began his career, “Freaky”. Originally recorded as a 6-second Vine video, the snippet spawned thousands of re-Vines, spurring him to create a full-length version, which has amassed almost 3 million SoundCloud & over 4,000 new plays daily on Spotify. Last week, he released his sultry “Let Me In” single.

The 20 year-old newcomer has been immersed in music for as long as he could remember, spending most of his free time singing & making music at his church. A self-taught pianist, Gemaine is looking to do more with his talents than just sing. His goal is to create music that “makes people feel good & becomes an escape from their problems.Gemaine’s debut EP, ‘Curious‘, is out today!!!