Video: Gangs Of Tooting Broadway » Trailer

Gangs Of Tooting Broadway » Trailer

Flavour Magazine | Smart, spontaneous, packed with action, bravado and heat, it’s these expressions that you’ll remember days after seeing Gangs of Tooting Broadway.

The urban crime drama set in 2009, a day before the Sri Lankan Tamil Protests outside The Houses of Parliament is cantered in the midst of South London’s Tamil community.

It tells the tale of Arun (Nav Sidhu) and his efforts to prevent his younger brother Ruthi (Kabelan Verlkumar) from being drawn into the villainous Tamil gang world.

Offering a rare insight into a concealed community, the emotionally charged thriller manages to address criminality, drugs and brutality in 90 minutes, before contributing the conventional lecture of “Just don’t do it!.”

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