Franz Von feat. Cynthia Bahy “Her Frequency” (Video)

Franz Von feat. Cynthia Bahy "Her Frequency" (Video)

Franz Von unveils new video for new single, “Her Frequency”, featuring Cynthia Bahy.

Franz Von unveils the new video for “Her Frequency” which, like the single itself, is a collaborative artistic work across the Channel.

Visual creative teams exchanged ideas between Marseille and Sheffield and captured a performance of praise and gratitude to the infinite power of the universe.

French artist Cynthia Bahy delivers a beautiful and captivating vocal performance from Le Bunker des Calanques in Marseilles, whilst Franz oscillates between city center Sheffield and the Peak District.

Franz Von’s debut EP, ‘People Di Powa’, will be released on 5.20.2022 via Firebelly Records.

The track features Marseille-based artist Cynthia Bahy who delivers a beautiful and captivating vocal performance, the result is an exploration of lively, dynamic, and contemporary sounds fusing golden-era hip-hop with jazz.

A production collaboration connecting two scenes – Marseille-based producer Labo Klandestino and Sheffield-based Tom Excell (Nubiyan Twist / Onipa) – the track started life in Labo’s studio in France and was then reinterpreted back in Excell’s Sheffield studio.

A flow of ideas and inspirations passed between creative minds and spaces.

Having already gained momentum with the 2021 drop “Power Be You”, which was swiftly followed through with a live version earlier this year, has already received support from many major media outlets.

Upcoming live dates:

  • 4.30.2022 | Sheffield, Sidney & Matilda (with TC & The Groove Family)
  • 5.21.2022 | Sheffield, Peddler Warehouse
  • 5.28.2022 | London, Jazz Café (with TC & The Groove Family)