Frank Ocean feat. Jay Z & Tyler The Creator - Biking [MP3]

Frank Ocean - Biking [Track Artwork]

An unusual collaboration if I ever seen one, Frank Ocean reaches out to Jay Z & Tyler The Creator for his new single "Biking" which you can give a listen below...

Notable Spits:

“I’m bikin’ these blocks / Since Ben Baller sold all his ice up at Slauson / I’m bikin’ uphill and it’s burnin’ my quads / I’m bikin’ downhill and it sound like a fishin’ rod / Savage, I’m bikin’” -Frank Ocean

“Nobody fuckin’ with me / My accolades hang from my neck / Pedal, I drown in the heat / My sapphires drown in my sweat” -Tyler The Creator

“Life goes in cycles / What comes around goes around / So before it goes down / Get you some icicles” -Jay Z

You can also cop this track via iTunes!!!