Fox Commentator Raymond Arroyo Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Fox commentator Raymond Arroyo has been awarded Donkey Of The Day.

By now, it’s no secret that Fox News as a whole are clueless about African American culture and the innerworkings of it.

Case in point, “The Big Weekend Show” contributor Raymond Arroyo (who is Latino) thought it was a good idea to mention that “This is connecting with Black America because they love sneakers,” in terms of why Black people will vote for Donald Trump.

For anybody that give a damn, Donald Trump promoted his $399 limited-edition gold shoes at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia this past Saturday (2.17.2024) and claimed that Black people thought they were “cool.”

With all that in mind, Arroyo added, “This a big deal, certainly in the inner city. So when you have Trump roll out his sneaker line, they’re like, ‘Wait a minute, this is cool.’ He’s reaching them on a level that defies and is above politics. The culture always trumps politics. And Trump understands culture like no politician I’ve ever seen.”

Arroyo concludes with, “Anybody willing to put 400 bucks down for a pair of sneakers? Yeah, I think that’s commitment and love. It’s something… it’s affection.

Charlamagne Tha God, who has awarded Raymond Arroyo a well-deserved Donkey Of The Day, gave his response to this situation and you can give what that is plus drop feedback in the comment box below…

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